There Is A Time To Listen

My Brother Had Words With Me.

I Don't Remember What He Said But It Changed My Life.

When I was 12 to 13 years old my brother had a talk with me. He was about 16 years older than I was. Fortunately I was smart enough to listen and it changed my life.

Since I was 4 or 5 years old I was a fat kid. I remember times of feeling ashamed and hating my body.

I was very active and strong so only older kids made any remarks about being fat.

I don't know what my brother said to me but I quit eating so much and gave up candy.

Over the next year I grew about 8 inches and lost 15 pounds. I looked normal but once fat you always see yourself as fat. You feel every jiggle.

I had a good high school athletic career and played some college football.

There I gained 25 pounds yet had a 34 inch waist. I was in good shape UNTIL season was over. the extra weight settled.

It took me several months of exercise and dieting to lose the weight again. College lifestyle is not conducive to losing weight.

I went on to lose about 40 pounds and I have kept it off for 45 years.

There have been some yo-yo times with 5-10 pounds.

However that yo-yo weight gain and loss ended when I made a change.

That change made stabilizing my weight much easier. It also led me to develop the plan I teach in The 40 Day Challenge devotional.

If you struggle or think about your weight and or appearance often and are a follower of Christ you should try this.

If you are wanting to grow closer to Christ this is a great place to start.

Extra weight will drive you into chronic disease and the darkness of illness.

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  • Control your behavior with food
  • Control your behavior with time
  • Enjoy the great health
  • Give up the human habit of settling for good enough

What would your life be like if you improved your behavior with food and time?

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